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Eric Plumb, CEO & Founder

Life Sciences, Healthcare and Wellness


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Changing The Way Healthcare Is Done

Eric Plumb had always wanted to become an entrepreneur. With a background in the world of medical devices, he understood the technology that was involved but noticed a significant breakdown in the flow of communications. The medical device industry worked to support patients’ health and longevity, and the physicians who supported those medical devices had the same goals, so why weren’t the two sides communicating openly?

To solve the problem, Plumb started MyRep. Eric sees MyRep as “where health care and industry unite.” They’ve designed a SaaS platform that repairs that communication channel, and puts those on the front lines into direct contact with the manufacturers of the medical devices that they interact with daily. Not only does it improve client outcomes, but can also improve profitability as well.

Eric first found K-Man through a colleague, and together they hit the ground running. “K-Man Ventures ignited our growth from the very beginning,” said Eric. “Our initial meetings created topics of conversation that not only improved our strategy, but gave us the capacity of getting traction in creating strategic partnerships, establishing advisory boards, and navigating key negotiations. Their expertise is unmatched.”

Next, MyRep is preparing to scale the business. They’re looking to increase revenue by finding new partnerships with hospitals and other life sciences companies to come aboard and sign on to their service. They know that as word-of-mouth spreads then the business will only keep growing, and in Eric’s own words “MyRep remains excited for what the future holds.”

I wanted to create something that healthcare professionals could rely on 24/7 – no matter what.

Eric Plumb

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