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Our values

define us.

When we founded K-Man, we backed a few carefully-chosen CEOs who shared our belief that access is the key to growth. Our prediction paid off. Today, the companies they spearheaded—including Centigram, Koble, Vaverly, MyRep, Famerly and Green Apple Gives—are actively changing the way the world works.

We are K-Man Ventures


Founded in 2020
after a lifetime
of ideas

The Vision

Our vision is to provide founders with the mentorship and funding that they need to support their next stage of growth. We are entrepreneurs ourselves, and we’ve been down this road before. We speak from experience, and our vision is to help equip our companies with practical advice and tools that they can use daily when making strategic choices.

The Evolution

Our expertise comes from experience. Our founder, Kumar Erramilli, has made several exits, and is in the process of taking his next company to over $100M. Now Kumar is working on the next evolution of KMAN – moving from angel investments to a true VC fund.

No matter how large we grow though, our approach to investing will always be based in the wisdom of our experience, and will always be strategically positioned to support our founders’ goals.

Kumar Erramilli
Kumar Erramilli

Kumar Erramilli, Founder

Kumar Erramilli was inspired into entrepreneurship from day one. His grandfather, a global health expert and authority with the World Health Organization, was a voracious reader, eloquent speaker, and passionate supporter of education. His grandmother taught him kindness, and that one’s passion for business did not have to negatively impact one’s moral compass, and his parents instilled these lessons even further.

Kumar spent his childhood idolizing founders like Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs (and at one point considered calling his company K-Soft in admiration). He learned to code at a young age, and believed strongly in the power of technology to make lives easier. He quickly realized that’s where his own power came from – his ability to use his technological and problem solving skills to help others. From his time as a co-op student at Centennial College redesigning their early learning management system, to his time at IBM learning about customer’s pain points to help provide solutions, Kumar has been focused on using his career to help others.

Now Kumar has turned his talents towards helping his fellow entrepreneurs. He founded his first company over a decade ago, and within 5 years was able to make his first exit. His latest venture, ACTO, is currently revolutionizing the world of omnichannel health care education, working to improve patient outcomes by ensuring that all stakeholders in patient care have access to the right resources. In 2018 he began to invest in founders with similar ambitions, and in 2021 K-Man ventures was born.

Kumar is on his own founder journey now with K-Man. He is working to turn K-Man Ventures into a venture capital powerhouse by supporting talented and passionate founders on their journeys. When he’s not busy coaching his founders, Kumar enjoys playing cricket, squash, and imparting his own life lessons to his two young children.


K-Man Ventures is focused on the entrepreneurship hustle. Every founder is a hustler, and each of them is on their own individual journey to success. We want to support that journey. We look for entrepreneurs that we can get behind, and entrepreneurs that we can believe in. We focus on aligning ourselves with great people first, and then look towards how we can add value to their business. This means that we attract entrepreneurs with drive, with purpose, and with vision. We work with entrepreneurs who are focused on changing the world, one idea at a time. Our role is to help them get there.

  • Life Sciences, Healthcare and Wellness
  • Marketplace and Ecosystems
  • Deep Tech and AI
  • FinTech
  • Clean Tech, AgroTech


We know that while founders may know their business, they often need an outside perspective on taking it to the next level. Our founder, Kumar Erramilli, has made numerous exits, and understands firsthand what it takes to prepare your business for the next stage of growth. We work with our companies in an advisory capacity, whether through strategic phone calls and discussions, attending Board meetings and delivering feedback, or dealing with fundraising challenges in real time. We stand by our companies because we believe in founders, and we do whatever it takes to help them succeed.


We support companies and causes that make a difference because we too want to leave the world a better place. That’s why we’re launching K-Man Cares, a foundation that will be built to support issues that mean the most to our community and to the world around us. We work with entrepreneurs and influencers who align with our passions to improve healthcare, support the environment, expand access to global resources, improve education and opportunities for young people, and strengthen our communities. We believe that we’re stronger when we give back, and our entrepreneurs are stronger as well. We’re looking for leadersentrepreneurs who align with our mission, and our goal is to support companies who similarly recognize that the key to their success is how well they are able to support those who need it most.

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