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Sameem Monzaviyan, CEO & Founder

FinTech, Marketplace and Ecosystems


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The Gift Heard Round The World

When the war situation in Yemen started to go from bad to worse, Sameem Monzaviyan quickly realized how difficult it is to send any type of help to friends back home. The situation in his homeland was deteriorating, and even sending money was no longer an option.

His background in banking and finance led him to Centigram – the world’s first P2P/B2B global e-gifting platform that opens local businesses to global customers. Centigram is a truly international gifting platform with over 100 local and international brands and businesses available. Gifters can purchase useful, accessible digital gift cards and send them to others worldwide without any transfer fees.

K-Man Ventures invested in Centigram because we believe in the company’s mission and we believe in Sameem Monzaviyan. “Mr. Erramilli is not just an investor,” said Sameem. “He’s been providing us with advisory support through one-on-one phone calls, and he also attended our board meeting.” Sameem is grateful that K-Man is not just a passive investor – he’s actively rolled up his sleeves to participate in the company’s success.

Today Centigram is live, with over 2,100 users and over $99,000 CAD in digital gift card sales. Centigram is currently approaching its Seed round funding, looking to build a strong team, enhance its SaaS solution, and construct a more accessible portal for SMEs. Sameem recognizes that when it comes to sending love, kindness, and compassion, there are truly no borders.

I wanted to solve the gap not just in my home country, but around the world.

Sameem Monzaviyan

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