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Nigel De Souza, CEO & Founder

Deep Tech and AI


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Backing Your Favourite Creators

When Nigel first got into the world of Twitch streaming in 2015, he quickly realized the growth that some creators were seeing in terms of their numbers of followers and regular viewers. Yet while the fans were fully engaged, most of these creators were missing out on key sponsorship and endorsement opportunities. Nigel saw the marketing opportunity that could come from bridging this gap, and thus Famerly was born.

Famerly is a digital marketplace that brings together those high level content creators on Twitch with sponsorship opportunities that could be lucrative based on their following. The streaming community is growing daily, and instead of followers migrating away from mainstream advertising channels, Famerly has found a new avenue to bring those brands and consumers together.

While Famerly started chasing after the big fish in the world of streaming, Nigel already has plans on how to broaden the platform. They’re also looking to educate other content creators on how they can grow their following with exclusive content, and eventually become a Twitch partner. This B2C initiative opens the platform up to a much broader audience, and has the potential to expand Famerly’s reach exponentially.

Nigel first met Kumar through Centennial College, and he says they instantly clicked. Since then, K-Man has become Famerly’s first angel investor, which helped Nigel take the next steps to grow the company. After K-Man’s initial funding boost, Famerly has begun to grow the business. They’ve already partnered with top creators and well known brands, and are now looking to scale in order to bring more of the two together.

This was the jet fuel that I needed to build my platform and grow it into what it is today.

Nigel De Souza

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