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Green Apple Gives

Christopher Tufford, CEO & Founder

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Giving Back With Every Click

Christopher Tufford is no stranger to entrepreneurship. In his career he’s been involved in ventures across multiple sectors such as telecommunications, virtual gaming, property management, and even an amateur poker tour – the largest of its kind in Canada. Now, though, Christopher has turned his attention towards giving back, and he’s doing so through his newest business, Green Apple Gives.

Green Apple Gives uses technology to connect millennial donors with broader fundraising initiatives. The company has developed fundraising programs that use technology-based rewards initiatives common with millennial shoppers, such as cashback rewards and spare-change round-ups, in order to raise money for great causes such as charities and nonprofits, hospital foundations, religious organizations, and social justice initiatives . Green Apple interacts with younger users in a manner more familiar to them, instead of focusing on a seismic shift to change donation patterns. Those microdonations may seem small at a glance, but pooled together they make a big difference.

Christopher connected with K-Man through LinkedIn in the middle of 2020, and by early 2021 Kumar was on the company’s advisory board. In Christopher’s words, “now I had his ear on a regular basis providing valuable feedback.” By the time the company launched its pre-seed round early in 2022, K-Man Ventures was one of the first on board.

For Christopher, it’s K-Man’s advisory capacity that has been the most beneficial. “He [Kumar] is a pleasure to work with from a personal point of view but more importantly as a direct and honest person with his feedback,” said Christopher . “He will challenge you to defend your strategic positions and way of thinking especially around your pitch deck, product and go-to-market sales and marketing plans.”

Christopher and his Green Apple team are on a mission to change how fundraising is done, pennies and dollars at a time. With K-Man’s support, they’re on the road to making that happen.

I knew that I could harness FinTech to solve the problem of generating recurring revenue streams.

Christopher Tufford

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