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Swati Matta, CEO & Founder

Healthcare and Wellness


Funding Stage


Giving Parents A Little Peace of Mind

Swati has always understood the importance of access to quality healthcare. As a child, she watched her father start a company to manufacture low-cost generic medication in India and the Middle East, which brought solutions to those that needed them most. Since she arrived in Canada, Swati has been immersed in the field of digital health care, realizing that information is what ultimately helps those in need make informed decisions and access the right services.

She also saw a gap in the market. As she prepared to start her family, and her friends around her were as well, she noticed a serious challenge in the lack of information available for new parents. “The unpreparedness, lack of healthcare support, and inequality in parenting has allowed me to observe the gaps in healthcare firsthand,” said Swati. Enter Koble.

Koble is designed for parents ‘from your first trimester until their first birthday.’ While recently celebrating their soft launch, the plan is to design a platform that provides all parents better access to important information through multidisciplinary experts, informative articles and resources, and a moderated community of their peers. Swati hopes to create a community of parents across North America, and eventually broaden the platform to help parents with kids of all ages.

Through her journey, Swati says K-Man’s support has been invaluable. Kumar understood the difficulty that she faced raising initial funds in an area that was still considered to be ‘niche.’ “As a parent himself, Kumar’s belief in this category and in me to build a team and product that will help parents globally has been huge in getting Koble off the ground,” said Swati. Aside from assisting with initial funding, K-Man has continued working with Koble to provide connections and resources as they grow and develop.

Unpreparedness, lack of healthcare support, and inequality highlighted the gaps firsthand.

Swati Matta

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