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RockMass Technologies

Matt Gubasta, Stuart Bourne, and Shelby Yee, Founders

RockMass Founders

Clean Tech


Funding Stage
Series A


Making Better Decisions Underground

Matt and Shelby first met as students at Queen’s University. Shelby was a geological engineering student, and Matt was already an entrepreneur who was used to using ideas to create businesses that solved problems. Shelby was looking to learn more about starting a business, but when the two met with a small research team that claimed they ‘automated geotechnical mapping,’ she couldn’t resist joining in. Together, they partnered up with co-founder Stuart Bourne to create RockMass Technologies.

RockMass uses technology to help engineers and geologists make better and safer decisions about geosciences such as mining and tunneling. For centuries mining had been an industry based in guess work and speculation. While technology has improved in recent decades, it’s never taken the industry as far as Shelby knew that it could go.

“After having spent many hours mapping using pencil crayons and paper, I knew this was a valuable improvement,” said Shelby. “I asked them to show me in their lab and I was impressed. I had to take a shot at bringing this technology to industry.” Together, she and Matt have turned RockMass into a successful venture operating in over 8 countries.

Shelby and Matt met Kumar through his ACTO co-founder, Parth. They saw themselves in ACTO’s story, and they have been grateful to receive Kumar’s knowledge and wisdom. They especially love the fact that Kumar is only a few years ahead on his personal journey, so he can offer his wisdom from a place of experience. “His advice is relevant and targeted to what our needs are,” said Shelby. “We love working with him!”

The team is keen to scale RockMass globally, and is setting out to raise a Series A round of funding. They’re excited about the prospect of entering a new vertical, and revolutionizing how mining engineers collect valuable data. They had the knowledge to appreciate the power of this technology, and now have the drive to make that technology change the world.

After spending hours doing things with pencil and paper, we realized this technology was a valuable improvement.

Shelby Yee

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